FEATURE: This is considered the small check-out counter. It houses a section for the cashier, cash register/P.O.S and an area for storage below the cash register. The size is as follows: (L)78 x (W)48 x (H)33 



Electronic Features: ELECTRONIC CHECKOUT COUNTER WIITH PICCOLO DANMARK POWERED CYLINDER. (L)119 1/4  x (W)42 x (H)33 1/4. Currently we have this check-out counter in only SILVER. Comes with a wider tray at the back to hold more goods that have been cashed.


The medium check-out counter has a wider tray at the back which can accommodate larger quantities of items and any given time. It has the same features as the small check-out counter.

*Disclaimer: The actual product may or may not slightly differ from what is depicted in the promotional image*